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Query Editor

While sitting on the mini query editor (main screen), pressing the F12 key will bring the improved query editor with SQL syntax highlight, pressing F12 again will get the text/query edited back to the main screen.


Single data extract

Single data extracts help for those cases when only 1 data source has to be refreshed (maybe you did a change on a table or spreadsheet), by clicking on each of those buttons it will refresh the source it belongs to.


Schedule comparisons

Data comparison on schedule was one of the most requested features to be added but finally included in the v3.0 as a way to run a pre-saved "favorite" comparison by simply clicking the "schedule" button on the favorites window to set the desired frequency.


JuxtAPPose FREE vs Standard

The bottom line is that the FREE version is best suited for light comparisons only with files (excel or csv) and to explore the features from the Standard version which can compare thousands or millions of rows, run queries, use arithmetical tolerances for differences and much more.


Logic Filters

Logic filters can bend the rules to tolerate differences based on arithmetical or % difference.

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