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Fetch Next/Prev

For fetching to the next or previous difference in the result sets simply click on the up and/down arrows or hit the combination of keys {ALT + Up } or {ALT + Down}.


Quick Counts

The quick counts show a variety of data and offer interactivity by providing instant jump to the different result types:

Key Cnt: Shows the distinct count of custom keys present in both data sets
Rows: Row count for each data set
Columns: Column count for each data set

Clicking on the title of the following counts will make the grids to locate the beginning of the result set and clicking on the numeric value for an individual data set will make the grid to go to the beginning of that result type:

Different: All rows where at least 1 value is different from the juxtaposed results.
Repeated: All rows where the designated key is repeated in at least one data set.
Not found: All rows where the designated key couldn’t be matched in the juxtaposed data source.


Toggle results orientation

To toggle the orientation of the grids form horizontal to vertical (and vice versa) just click in the icon shown in the picture, that will also reset any resizing done over the grids.


Find Values

To find values in your data just click on the magnifier button or press "Ctrl + F", that will allow you to navigate to that specific value from the selected column from the selected grid. To keep fetching over rows with the same value just press F3.


Unsupported data types

JuxtAPPose is not compatible with column data types such as images, varbinary and any other kind of blob.

By using any of those unsupported data types JuxtAPPose would show a white square with a red cross to represent an empty value.

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