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Supported Drivers (64-bit only)

Note: JuxtAPPose supports native connectivity to Microsoft SQL, Oracle and DB2, you don't need additional drivers for them.

Compare data has never been easier thanks to the selected supported ODBC drivers and DSN connections, just follow these simple steps.


  1. Copy the URL or click the "Go" button to download the installer you need (*.msi or *.exe file).

  2. Follow the instructions on of the installer, this is typically just clicking the button labeled "next".

  3. Open JuxtAPPose, and go to the connection manager screen, the new driver should appear in the drop down list.

Amazon Redshift - This is the official driver, however, other ODBC drivers such as PostgreSQL are compatible

MySQL- Only connector v8.0 or newer. This driver is compatible with MySQL v5.5 and up and might also work for MariaDB v10

PostgreSQL- Only driver v10 and Up

Microsoft Access- Any PC with Microsoft Office should include this driver

Didn't find the driver you need?- You can use Windows DSN to connect to any DB even if it's not listed here    learn more...

How to create and use a Windows User DSN (64-bit)

For windows 7 and up, hit the windows key or click on search and type ODBC, that will bring the item "ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)", please keep juxtAPPose ignores 32-bit user DSN connections.

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