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The Data Comparison Tool

Easy  .  Fast  .  Simple

What is JuxtAPPose?

Key Features

Heal the "Data Flu"

You don't have to be high "tech-savvy" to get to know that validating data of any kind or a new report or a new version of it will take time and in the worst cases finishing is a painful process that brings, headaches and  slow the rest of your process bandwidth, just like a flu.

These days as data people we face environments where every company have data stored in multiple database engines, coming from different systems with different architectures and creating reports have the unavoidable phase of data validation, this along with other situation such as the scary migration to a new database engine or system bring pain points to anyone making sure we have reliable data to work with.

JuxtAPPose born with the firm purpose of making data comparison as easy as possible keeping in mind that reliable data is not just row counts, totals or tables, but all values coming from spreadsheets and database queries and make the "data flu" go away as fast as possible with not new surprises after deployments.



1) Extract

2) Compare

Born to compare thousands of rows and tens of columns in seconds.


Designed from data people to data people


"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Mark Twain