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  • How to know if JuxtAPPose standard works with my database before purchase?
    Just download the FREE version and setup a connection, once you add all the data of your server and credentials click on "Test connection", it will let you know if there is a problem or if the connection is successful
  • How to know JuxtAPPose will work in my computer
    You can use the FREE version to test some functionallities and connectivity to servers
  • Is JuxtAPPose compatible with MAC/Apple?
    JuxtAPPose (Any version) is compatible only with Windows 7 64 bit and newer versions.
  • Can JuxtAPPose connect to data base engines?
    Yes! This feature belongs ONLY to the standard version and for now it has out of the box connectivity for MS-SQL Server (2008 and newer) and Oracle (11g and newer). There is a new feature which supports the installation of selected ODBC drivers for: Amazon Redshift MySQL PostgreSQL Microsoft Access Additionally, if none of these drivers works for you, you can create a "User DSN" trhough the "ODBC Data sources (64-bit)" from windows, JuxtAPPose can repurpose those connections and virtually connect to any database with ODBC drivers. Click HERE to learn more. We will be increasing the connectivity library in further releases but you can let us know the database you need by clickin HERE or trhoug any of our social networks or in the poll available in the "Release Notes" and "Features" pages.
  • What languages are supported?
    For now only english but other languajes will be supported in further releases
  • File size limit for spreadsheets
    For JuxtAPPose FREE this is 5 MB For JuxtAPPose (standard) this is unlimited
  • What do all buttons in the interface do?
    Each control has a tooltip built-in, just hover the pointer over the button you need to know about and a description will pop-up. We will be increasing the documentation in the website and uploading new video demos, however, if you have any question, please let us know in the contact section.
  • Why there is no version 1.3?
    The intention is to let our users know that despite we have our own list of improvements to work for a long time, we pay close attention to the comments we receive and the release of the v1.4 included key elements we had on schedule for a much later release, this involved a lot of effort on redesign, testing and a little bit of rescheduling. So make sure you vote in the poll from the "Release Notes" or "Features" pages for that feature you need to have or any other communication channel. This is the only time we skip consecutive release numbers regardless we include elements we planned for the future to please our community of users.
  • How do I add a new driver
    The list of supported drivers as well as the instructions for installing are available int he "Drivers" page.
  • Why I see rows in silver / grey?
    If you see rows in silver / grey it means that those have a key that is not unique in any of the data sources (2 or more rows found with the same ID), in order to fix this, look at the rest of the columns in your data, you can add as many columns as needed to the "Custom Key" to make sure every row is unique and have a match in the other data set.
  • I lost my sales order or I can't find my order email
    Option 1 Click HERE Option 2 Go to the Pricing Page and scroll down, at the bottom of the page there is a button that will take you to recover your sales order.
  • Can JuxtAPPose compare CSV files?
    Yes, starting v1.5.0 JuxtAPPose Standard and FREE can, just make sure the first row has the titles of your columns. The main difference between the Standard and FREE version for this subject is that the Standard edition can also detect if your *.csv file in fact has pipes or tabs separating the data instead just commas, you don't need to do anything, JuxtAPPose will analyze the data and use the separator that was used in the file.
  • How to load flat files with data any of the separators {|,#\t;} (pipe, comma, sharp, tab, semicolon) from .txt or .csv files?"
    JuxtAPPose Standard can identify the data separator for flat files (*.txt and *.csv), juxt select the file type you need. JuxtAPPose FREE can only work with the data separator "," (comma) for *.csv files and doesn't include a feature to load *.txt files
  • Find a value in the results
    First locate the results where you want to lookf for a specific value, over those results, there is a button with amagnifier icon, when you press it a new window will pop up where you can specify your search. The search window will have the information prefilled with the column name of the active cell from the results. A short cut for this is to simply press Ctrl + F after you click on any cell from the results.
  • Jump to specific differences
    In the interface there are 3 distinctive color boxes, touching any of those will bring you anywhere to where the results are available. Clicking on the numbers next to those colored boxes in the "Quick Counts" will take you specifically where the results you are looking for start.

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