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Schedule comparisons

Data comparison on schedule was one of the most requested features to be added but finally included in the v3.0 as a way to run a pre-saved "favorite" comparison by simply clicking the "schedule" button on the favorites window to set the desired frequency.

Schedule comparisons

The "schedule" window brings 3 different options for running a comparison automatically:

1) One time: This will literally run the desired comparison only one time on a given date and time.
2) Daily: This will run a comparison at a defined date and time.
3) Weekly: This will run the selected comparison on selected week days starting a specific date, the selected time works for the first time to run and also for the selected week days.

It is also possible to "pause" a daily or weekly comparison by disable it and re-enable it as needed.

Behind the scenes JuxtAPPose is creating a scheduled task on Windows which means there are no second programs/services running consuming processing power just for running comparisons, this also allows flexibility and more options for advanced users that need even more schedule flexibility.

How to create Windows scheduled tasks to run comparisons with JuxtAPPose?
1) Open the "Windows Task Scheduler"
2) Set the desired schedule
3) Set as action "Start a program" and point to JuxtAPPose.exe
4) Set as "Arguments" the name of the favorite to run

Keep in mind all scheduled comparisons in JuxtAPPose are shown only on the "JuxtAPPose" folder in the Task Scheduler with specific name standards.

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