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What is JuxtAPPose FREE?

The main goal of JuxtAPPose FREE is to provide an easy and simple solution for anyone wondering “what’s the difference between these two data collections from these two files”. This is a very common scenario for anyone validating data and/or finding data inconsistencies. JuxtAPPose FREE targets a big audience relying primarily on MS-Excel to solve this problem, while using excel skills absolutely counts as a solution, sadly but surely, is still far from being an optimum solution, let’s find out why.

How to compare data with excel?

Just as a pocket knife multi tool, it comes with many options, from “add ins” for the easiest comparison (same row count, same columns in the same order) to formulas for creating a primary key with vlookups, more formulas for color coding and flags. Depending on the amount of columns in the collections as well as how deep the comparison should be, the complexity and time spent increases with each cycle for:

• data extraction

• adapt/fix formulas

• analyze results

• adapt/fix formulas as needed

• fix data

• repeat

I think I’m doing this only one time, what’s the big deal?

In today’s reality, the tendency is to have data in many places from traditional transnational data bases and data warehouse from all sizes to data lakes, Tableau’s data extracts, csv files from python scripts and other technologies. Realistically any data driven organization is a place where data validation happens very often and is not an exclusive task for IT experts, therefore, while it looks like you are doing this only one time, comparing data takes multiple cycles and people often tries to reduce the effort ending on additional surprises on a later phase. Also, let’s be real, doing all of that is something most people want to do the least.

How can JuxtAPPose FREE help me on this?

JuxtAPPose FREE is the direct response to this task, not only because it compares data or because is fast or its constant feature count growth and improvement, but because it born to be used by people from all tech skills, from analysts to tech savvy data junkies. Once this task is reduced to seconds (from opening the program to see results) anyone is enabled to validate data more frequently which translates on a much better data quality and hours saved by minimizing the frequency and time spent when “these reports don’t match”.

To learn more about features visit the Knowledge Base

"Mjolnir"by Stacy Jnsn is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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