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Local Installation

Keep your invaluable data safe in your network with desktop installation

Custom Key

Select the column(s) that makes your data unique and meaningful

Hide Columns

Hide all the columns with no issues and find patterns in the data much faster

Quick counts

Get the row, column, key and difference counts within your data

Only Differences

Display only the rows with differences and use colors to identify the problems

Ignore Columns

Create a list of columns you don't need to compare

Fetch Next Diff

Fetch to the next difference for the column you are interested on

Results Orientation

Toggle horizontally / vertically the comparison results to maximize your findings

Data Sources

Excel, CSV, MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Redshift, Postgre, MS-Access. selected ODBC drivers & Windows user DSN


Once the data sources, keys and ignore list were set, save it as a favorite and load it whenever you need

Find Values

Get to the ID you have been tracking or any value within the differences


Change those settings that make your comparison even easier... let us know that new setting you need, we love to hear you

Video Demos

Let us know about that next feature you need to have

Connection Manager

Set up the connection to your servers. Need to connect to MySQL, MariaDB, Redshift, Aurora and others? go to the Drivers page to learn more...

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